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Take bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay and card payments online with ease at low costs. Use the cost calculator to see how much you could be saving!

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“TrustistEcommerce is the smoothest Open Banking Software I’ve seen”

Will Lankston

Managing Director Timpson Direct

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Revolutionise Your Ecommerce Payments With TrustistEcommerce

Simplified Bank Transfer Payments

Customers pay with ease without the need for credit/debit cards or bank details.

Safe Transactions

Enjoy the risk of fraud and chargebacks being eliminated when using bank transfers.

Quick Payments

Set up fixed payments instantly with Faster Payments enabled.

Enhanced Security

Your customers feel secure with the familiarity of using their own bank account.

Lower Transaction Costs

Save money with our lowest transaction fees of 0.29%.


Our lowest transaction fee is more than half the price of most competitors!

How TrustistEcommerce Bank Transfers Work

1. Scan QR code or pay on device

Your customers will get the option to continue their payment on their mobile or they can continue on their laptop/desktop.

2. Select bank

Your customer selects their bank account so we can redirect them to their banking app for payment.

3. Confirm payment

Your customer will confirm the payment using Face ID or their fingerprint on mobile, and log into their bank account using desktop.

Increased Payment Accessibility And Convenience

Customers paying you through TrustistEcommerce have multiple methods of completing the transaction. Take a look at the payment methods below:

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is a way for customers to securely manage their financial accounts and make payments directly from their bank account.

For merchants, Open Banking offers faster payment processing and enhanced security, which means less time spent dealing with failed transactions and more time growing their business. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established business, Open Banking provides a safer and more efficient way to handle financial transactions.

A person sat at a laptop looking happy using Trustist Ecommerce

Supported Banks

Pay via QR Code

TrustistEcommerce offers customers the option to pay with ease on the device they are using or generate a QR code for mobile payment completion. This feature provides merchants with increased payment accessibility and convenience for their customers, leading to improved sales and customer satisfaction.

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Secure Transactions Processed by Your Bank

TrustistEcommerce transactions are processed by the consumer’s bank through Open Banking, making them safer than card payments which can be easily stolen or lost.

Operating under a UK Financial Conduct Authority license, each payment is authenticated within the consumers banking app using Face ID, fingerprint scan, or secure PIN for added security.

Merchants Get Paid Instantly With TrustistEcommerce

UK merchants can face significant challenges in managing their cashflow, particularly due to the 1-4 day wait for funds to be transferred after accepting debit or credit card payments.

TrustistEcommerce solves this issue by instantly depositing funds into your bank account, allowing for quicker payment to staff, stock ordering, and business growth.

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